Controlling our lives… independency

Working in a corporate office among corporate people can be interesting.  I am not sure if there is a better word than interesting that describes the corporate environment.  There can be a lot of red tape, politics, push back, cloudy decisions, and so on.  In larger corporations, you will find much diversity in levels of talent where some workers are great and others are not.  In large organizations, it may be easier for poor performers to slip through the cracks and get by doing the bare minimum.  I have always put my best efforts into my work to contribute as much as I can to the employer who is paying me.  I am loyal to my employer and would expect them to be loyal to me, which is not always the case.  Through lack of transparency and questionable personnel decisions, I realize it is not always a two-way streak.  So what can we do about it?

I do not wish to always be in the corporate world working for a large company.  I feel I am somewhat powerless and do not have full control over my life.  So much of our day-to-day decision making is dependent on our jobs.  For example, the most obvious dependency we have is on our salary.  There is also dependency on our medical and financial benefits provided to us by our employers.  We also depend on our careers to provide good experiences, so we do not go home upset and bent out of shape.  All of this goes back to our job, which is why I am pushing to run my own business full-time.

Running a full-time business is not an easy task and I understand that.  I have been running a business with my father part-time for over 10-years.  We have had many struggles and had many tough calls to make.  Fortunately, we both have had careers during this time, so we were not fully dependent on our business.  If anything does happen to my job, I will need to make some difficult decisions.  For starters, I will need to determine if I should devote all my time to working on our business and help it grow.  There could be opportunity to do so in the near future, which I am not hoping for.

In the next couple of weeks, I will find out some news from my employer.  It could be good.  It could be bad.  Either way, it has awaken me and made me further realize I want control of my life.  I do not want to depend on a large corporation to pay me every week. I am confident I can run my own business full-time and grow it to a place where I can solely depend on it for salary.  More to come on this down the road.

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