Real version versus presented version

I do not believe anyone sane and self-aware truly provides a real version of themselves everywhere we go because we are aware it may not be acceptable in every situation.  This does not mean your real version of yourself is bad, but may not be appropriate everywhere you go.  You may have a presented version that is much more polished and appropriate for select situations.  The reason I speak on this topic is because I feel it is very common for people today to present different versions of themselves, especially on social media.  Everyone wants to present their best version to the world without flaws, but in reality this simply cannot be true.  We all have flaws and at times, I believe we should be proud of that because it makes us unique.

So how does this relate to civil accomplishment topics?

We are presenting a different version of ourselves to the business world, much more different than what we present to our family and friends for the most part.  There is nothing wrong with this, but it makes me think we have to put out extra effort to make sure we keep the two worlds separate.  It can also become much more complicated when you are changing or have variations of your self within the two worlds.  It can all be so polarizing at times.

With all this being said, I too am an offender of changing myself in speaking to different people.  Even in this blog, I also monitor some things whereas in my personal journal I monitor nothing.  Everything I feel will be written without restriction or limits, which is great because I can vent.  I believe I am most true when writing in my journals, which is why I am a very big believer in everyone keeping a journal.  Of course, you may not want to lose custody of that journal because people can feel some of your writings are distasteful.  My journal is for my eyes only.  These are just my thoughts on self-awareness and different versions of people.

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