Everyones accountable

Many years ago, I had a different mindset on accountability.  In fact, I did not think much about accountability often, especially when something did not go my way.  For example, if I did poorly on an exam, I might have blamed the teacher’s ineffective teaching methods.  If I ended up showing up late to work, I may have blamed the person driving ahead of me being too slow.  If I did not completely my homework assignment, I may have said the teacher’s directions were not super clear.  Excuses can make us feel better about our failures, but are a horrible thing in terms of producing results.

Later on in life, I realized I needed to start being more responsible and taking accountability for my own actions.  If I did poorly on an exam, I could not blame the teacher because it was my own poor studying habits or lack of ability to capture the materials in my brain.  If I showed up late to work and someone really was driving slow, it was still up to me to take into account the possibility of this happening.  If I did not completely my homework due to lack of clarity from the teacher, it was up to me to gain more clarity from the teacher.  Everyones accountable no matter if we like it or not.  The sooner we all realize it, the better!

There are certain ways to hold ourselves accountable, which should be reviewed.  Often, if we set a goal, we may end up forgetting what the goal was in 1 year or so.  Writing down your goal and reviewing it every quarter or so will help us stay focused and hold ourselves accountable to that goal.  If the goal is not reached in the timeframe you set for yourselves, you will need to take corrective actions.  This does not mean punish yourself, but spend time understanding why you did not hit your goal.  Extend the timeframe to a point where you believe you can reach the goal.  It is important you do not just keep extending timing on goals you are not reaching and not do anything to reach the goal.  This will only hurt you in the long run.

As mentioned above, you are going to want to write your goals down somewhere and review them.  The reviewing part is very important because you are checking in on where you are and if you are on track to meet your goal.  If you are not on track, then you are going to have to course correct.  The reviewing process is very important because it will keep you focused on your goals.  You can also include others in your review, which may also help you feel more accountable to reach your goals because now you have more eyes focused on the review.  You will most likely not want to look dumb by not hitting your goals from a lack of effort.  Truly be honest with yourself and do not just say you are trying.  Too many do this and at the end of the day, they are not really trying.  This actually makes me angry because I feel these people are just lazy.  Get out there and do something about it.  Be accountable and hold yourself responsible for your actions or lack of actions.

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