The new workforce – take advantage

The workforce is very different today than it was ever before from start to finish.  The way people are recruited, hired, interact, and so on has all changed with new advances in technology allowing for us to be faster, smarter, and more efficient.  For some larger slower moving companies, they have not fully taken advantage of these advancements and could partially explain why some of the smaller companies are growing faster than larger companies.  It is much more difficult to push changes in an organization of 5,000+ employees than push changes in a small organization of less than 500.  At the same time, there is no excuses for slowness in the business world, and your numbers will reflect your lack of agility if you are large and slow.

Additionally, the landscape for working today has changed dramatically because of the advancements in technology.  There is a lot more instant messaging, e-mailing, and text messaging than there ever was before.  Fewer people are willing to make a quick phone call to resolve an issue and will rather send a message via e-mail or instant message instead.  I still believe it is very important to have face-to-face relationships with your co-workers and business partners.  I still believe it is important to be able to communicate using your voice and make sure your voice is heard.  Writing an e-mail does not help you build your brand as fast as letting your business partners getting to know you face-to-face.  It is not always possible to call or talk face-to-face with your business partners, so e-mails will have to be acceptable.  Try and reaching out via phone or face-to-face a little bit more and see if this helps improve your relationships.

The last piece I would like to touch on is the new mindset of workers today.  It almost feels as if nobody wants to get their hands dirty and a lot of people are just punting to someone else.  “This is not my role”- they may say or “this belongs with XYZ team.”  What ever happened to wearing multiple hats? I guess that does not pay in today’s landscape or with today’s workforce.  It is a snowballing effect where people are less and less likely to handle work outside of their focus objectives.  I think we can improve a little bit here.  This is especially evident with larger companies where there are tons of people to do specific functions.  At smaller companies such as my first job at a startup, I quickly found myself doing multiple tasks even if it was not really my primary job.  I think it is nice to get your hands dirty now and then to get something done.  It really shows that you can work hard and work as a team to achieve something.  What are your thoughts?

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