Excited for a new milestone (tomorrow)

Many of the projects I have worked on typically have the same excitement patterns, which starts out in a elevated state of excitement that simmers out after two or three weeks.  Upon completion of a milestone the excitement rises again for a few moments, but will simmer back down again.  I would say a lot of the projects I have worked on increase and decrease in a cyclic pattern as the project advances.

TomorrowI close on a commercial property.  My father and I have been working together to purchase the property for several months.  We had to jump through many hoops to get everything in place, but the day of closing has finally arrived.  Similar to all the other projects I have worked on, this project started out with a lot of excitement.  Several weeks in passing and this excitement simmered out.  At each milestone that we hit, we quickly became enthusiastic about the project again.  Now we are at a huge milestone, our excitement is back up again.  Everyone is jumping aboard feeling engaged and more like a team than ever before.

I know we cannot always be super excited about the projects we work on and that there are highs and lows throughout the process.  I also know failures can bring deep disappointments that can be hard to break from.  At times these things are not avoidable and I accept this.  We need to enjoy the milestones when we can and really reflect on the hard work it took to get there.  Before you know it, you will be back in the trenches working hard again trying to reach the next milestone.  Reflection brings great satisfaction to me, which is why I often reflect whenever I get the chance.

What are your excitements in life?  What are your milestones you can celebrate?  If you are like me, you are too hard on yourself.  You may only focus on failures, but you need to also appreciate your successes.  As I have always mentioned before, small gains over a long period of time become large gains.  The hare can beat the tortoise in a short run, but not over a lengthier run.  We are living a life of up to 80 or 100 years.  We have time and need to make sure we are producing results every week consistently and those results don’t need to be life changing.  What are your thoughts?

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