Layoff, me!

The corporate environment can be very rough at times.  In my experience, I have observed at least three size-able layoffs in just  6 years of working for my employer.  I understand the company is not doing well, so they need to trim some of the “fat”.  I understand they cannot give bonuses because the company is just not performing well.  I do not understand the constant shuffling and overturn caused by poor leadership.  I constantly read books on leadership styles and what are some of the better ways of leading.  In theory, many of these styles work great.  In reality, each company will require a slightly different style of leadership.  For example, it may be fine to have a hip-cool style of leadership in a tech company in silicon valley, but it may not be right for an older pharmaceutical company that has been around for quite some time.  Similarly, a lot of people love cheese where others simply do not.  I cannot understand the people who do not love cheese because I personally love it.

Layoffs can be extremely difficult not only for the impacted employees, but also for the employees left behind.  Most of the time, there is more work for the survivors and quite often the environment is not the greatest after the event.  It does not make me want to stay around at a company very long when I am seeing reorganizations every two years or so.  It also makes me worry about my future at the company.  It would be very nice to be at a company that is constantly winning.  These are just a few thoughts I felt inclined to write down today.

The best advice I can give anyone else in this situation is don’t wait to see what is going to happen.  Make sure you are preparing for anything like this.  This might mean applying to jobs, saving up enough money to get you through a jobless period, and keep networking with new people to expand your career opportunities.  I personally think it is great to move into new roles outside your area of expertise.  This will allow you to get a different perspective on your industry and stretch yourself.  Do not let fear get in the way of something great.  Push for success!

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