Life is still going on

No matter what you are doing, life is still going on!  The world does not revolve around anyone of us, which should be very obvious to you.  Outside of what you are doing there are still aother events going on, which may be more or less important than what you are doing.  For example, if you are working 24/7, there are other people having fun going to baseball games and playing with their kids.  If someone is emotionally upset and staying inside 24/7, there are still people enjoying themselves outside with friends and family.  I guess my point is, we only get one life and we really need to start focusing on living the best lives we possibly can.  There will be times we need to sacrifice for the greater good, but we should never sacrifice 100% of our time to work because we can miss great times with our friends and family outside of work.

This weekend I am excited to be in Canada for my cousin’s wedding.  It is a really special weekend and I look forward to moments like this.  I could be back home working on my business, my career, and trying to get ahead, but this is much more important.  It gives me time to relax with family and recharge for this upcoming week.  This previous week that just flew by was extremely hard for many reasons.  Next week won’t be much easier, which is why I need to make sure I am taking care of myself first.  The Civil Accomplishment blog is not just about generating money, saving it, and retiring early.  It is also about taking care of yourself emotionally, physically, and spiritually.  Without these important factors, we will not be able to perform in the realm of success.

I am excited to take a step back and clear my mind this weekend.  It really gives me time to remove the negativity and move forward with a better mindset.  There are always going to be uncertainties in the workplace, which causes us to be fearful.  We can fear loss of our jobs, failure, lack of funds, being judged, and so forth.  Put your worries aside and build plans to prepare in case any one of those fears becomes a reality.  By doing this, you are putting a solution in place to solve for potential issues. This should help ease your fears.  Keep living your life!

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