Angry behind the wheel

Have you ever been cut off by someone on the highway and possibly made rude gestures told them or even yelled out the window some rude things?  What was the outcome?  Most likely, nothing!  Depending on how you look at it, nothing is better than something such as road rage ending up in physical harm.  So why do I talk about this?  We really need to take a step back and see the bigger picture.  By letting ourselves become angry over someone cutting us off on the road, we are not going to see a positive outcome.  My advice is to leave it alone and carry on.  We want nothing to do with the person even though we may feel it is our job to enforce the law against them.

This is where I see this scenario connecting to business relations.  Perhaps you are working with a supplier, customer, or internal partner.  You do not like something they are doing or saying.  Instead of immediately jumping on them, understand the full situation.  You do not want to become known for attacking others, but also do not want to seem soft.  When you step back and allow time to understand the full picture, you are giving yourself the tools to make a better decision in your approach.  There are times you need to be stern, but this should not be every day.  There are times you can let something slide, but this should also not be every day.  Different situations call for different approaches and these approaches should be well thought out before executing.

I try to take a step back in any decision I make if necessary. There are small decisions that you can make on the fly.  The bigger decisions that are more impacting to your life or loved ones’ lives need to be well thought out.  These are just a few thoughts I had today.

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