Continued education and training

I am on my second day of a 2-1/2 day training at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey.  As part of my success plan, I have a continued education and training as a major contributor to enable me to reach my goals.  Without new experiences, training, and continued education I would be the same person without growth and lack of mobility.  I want growth even if it requires hard work.  There is very little I do that does not require some level of effort and most of what I do, requires significant effort.  Along with the significant effort, I am spending a substantial amount of time planning.

It is not always easy to sit in a training for several days because it almost feels as if I am not getting anything done.  In reality, while others are still moving their needle forward and I am seemingly not getting much done, I am better preparing myself to move more efficiently and effectively when I start work again.  I am preparing myself by gaining new knowledge to achieve the goals I set out to achieve.  This means, I am building skills I did not have and without those skills I may not have been able to jump on better opportunities for myself and my team.  I am very proud of the efforts I put in personally, in my career, and through continued education.  It is something I stress for everyone else no matter what stage of your life you are in.  You can be 80 years old and I still believe, you can still learn for the better of your life.

With all this being said, I only have 12 hours or so left of this training.  Fortunately, we take breaks so I can write my blog and provide my thoughts to whoever is interested.  I have been inspired through this training to work differently and think differently.  I have also been inspired to apply some of the practices I am learning to my own business.  There are key learnings that can be applied to my business and get us ahead of our competition.  Without this training, I may not have learned these materials or at least not as quickly.  It may have taken a little bit of more time through life experiences.  More to come on all of this later, but in the mean time what are your thoughts?

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