Getting it done without excuses

Are you the type to dig deep and get it done, without excuses?  Or are you the type to not finish the job and fill the air with endless excuses of why you were not able to succeed?  There is no question in my mind that I am looking to partner with the first kind where excuses are rare and effort is great.  I cannot emphasize enough the worthlessness of a person who provides lame excuses over and over again.  I understand there are times when challenges are too great and failures do happen.  This is acceptable from time to time, but when it happens more frequently than not, I really have a problem with that.

Getting it done without excuses…

Now that I have vented, I can talk a little bit about the main point.  When you are taking on a new project, realize you need to complete the project.  This means you need to focus on the steps it will take to complete 100% of the project.  The project is not complete if you finish 50%, 75%, or even 99%.  100% of the project must be completed to be considered complete.  Your plan should be logical and make sense to your peers and leaders.  It should not be reckless or be too risky without an equally viable reward.

In most companies, teams are important or at least they say they are.  When you are on a team, look around and understand everyone’s strengths and weaknesses.  Are there people on your team that are hiding and trying to get by without putting effort in.  Immediately make it known that this is not acceptable.  Put these people into the spot light and make sure they are doing their part.  On the flip side, make sure there is not one person trying to steal the show.  These people too can be very bad for the team as a whole.  Everyone should work hard and as a team!

Excuses can be detrimental to the team.  Excuses are just so awful in my mind.  It makes me think you are just excusing your lack of performance.  If you cannot get the job done, then you should move on.  I want winners on my team and not losers.  There is no better way to put it in my mind.  Today, society has really softened and excused people with no talent.  How does this make them better?  How does this make them want to try harder?  It gives them further reason not to try and accept their talentless characteristics.  We need more competition and constructive feedback.  These are just a few thoughts or rants I had this afternoon.

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