Bad decision prone

Look around you and take notice of the people that are doing well and the people that are not doing well.  I do not believe it is an accident that certain people constantly end up in a bad situation.  I always say, as long as I make more good decisions than bad decisions then I should be good.  There is a reference in my last blog titled, Making right decisions with what you know that states on average people make 3,000 decisions each day.  If this is true, we are making over 1 million decisions per year.  This is an astounding amount of decisions we need to make.  Some decisions are going to be bigger than others and have a greater impact on our lives.  I do believe every decision does matter and we should be cognizant of that.

Think about the moment from when you wake up to the moment you go to sleep.  You are deciding what you want to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, selecting what outfit(s) you want to wear, choosing who you want to spend your time with and what activities you will be doing, and where you want to sleep.  Some decisions come to us naturally and are more like habits.  Other decisions require more conscious thought and require us to really put effort into the decision.  Habits did not just occur overnight for us in most cases.  We have conditioned ourselves over years to fall into these habits, which is why you need to groom yourself for good habits.  For example, select the right foods that will help you grow strong and healthy.  Select the right activities such as exercising at the gym instead of taking smoke breaks.

The more difficult decisions require information.  Without information, you will not be able to make an educated decision and that can lead to a poor outcome.  For example, if you are deciding whether you want to move out of your current role into a new role, you will need to weigh the salary, benefits, location, role, and so on.  Your family should have input and some of your friends if they are knowledgeable of the topic.  The more good information you have, the better.  Bad information (if I want to call it information) would be gossip or false information.  Learn to weed this type of information out from the start because it will not help you at all.

These are my thoughts on decisions.  There are a lot of decisions we need to make daily- big and small.  We need to make sure we are taking our decision making process very serious to succeed and reach our goals.  Is the decision we are making going to help us to get to our goals?  Is the decision we are making going to set us back?  Step back and look at the bigger picture.  An immediate satisfaction from a decision does not always help us out in the long-run.  A lot of times, it actually does the opposite.  What are your thoughts?

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