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I have been writing for several months on different strategies to better position yourself for future success.  The core of each strategy include knowledge, exposure, and courage.  Knowledge is crucial to making good decisions because without it, you are blind.  Exposure allows others to get to know you who may offer you opportunities.  Courage will give you the strength to say “yes” to those opportunities offered to you, even if you feel uneasy about it.

In addition to knowledge, exposure, and courage we need to keep our mind, body, and soul healthy.  For the mind and body, we need to make sure we are getting enough sleep, food (nutrition), and exercise for both our bodies and mind.  We can keep our souls healthy by making solid ethical choices that will not taint our character.

According to success magazine many of us fail due to lack of persistence, lack of conviction, rationalization, dismissal of past mistakes, lack of discipline, poor self-esteem, and/or fatalistic attitude.  I agree with each of these 100% because they all speak why an individual may fail and continue to fail.

There is no hard set of rules that dictate what exactly you need to be successful because it all depends on your goals, timeline, strengths, weaknesses, expectations, and so forth.  It is very exciting to venture out and try hitting your goals in life.  Everyone’s situation is different and most of the time our goals are also different in some shape, size, or form.

With all of this being said, I do have a story about myself and my progression.  In my younger years, I knew I wanted to reach success.  I did not yet have success defined yet for myself, but knew it was something I wanted.  Slowly I began building out some short term goals for myself such as get accepted to university and graduate.  As more time passed by, I started setting more short term goals and some long term goals.  A longer term goal was to purchase a home and a shorter term goal was to purchase a new vehicle.  As time went by, I was capturing my goals into my notebook and surprisingly did achieve some of my goals.

In under ten years, I was able to purchase a new vehicle, home, get married, have a child, get a cat, dog, and so many other amazing things.  These things may have happened without my goal setting ways, but I do believe a lot of these things happened under my control.  I was able to control when they happened and how they happened.  Similarly, I am targeting a quick payoff of my mortgage and this too is under my control.  I carefully manage all of these things and keep track because I do hold myself accountable.  If I did not meet my goal, I would not rationalize or create excuses of why it was not my fault.  I would own my errors and improve for the next time.

I take a lot of pride in my journey for success with my family.  I take ownership and want to succeed.  It keeps me busy and is something I like talking about.  By the end of this year, I do hope to reach many of my goals if not all.  I can already see I may be falling behind in a goal or two.  I will learn from my mistakes and do better next year.  We all can do better than what we are doing.  We can all do better and better!

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