Service firewalls and lack of accountability

Have you ever tried getting through to a service provider such as Comcast, AT&T, or Verizon, but did not have much success? Many of the larger businesses are going to automated customer service systems.  There are also a good amount of customer service representatives stationed overseas.  At times, I feel I am not talking to anyone real or at least someone who is capable of helping me out.  I cannot help, but to think this complicated setup is intentional to prevent customers from contacting them for any reason.

Notice, each year your service provider will increase your rates and give you some convoluted reason.  They will increase it as much as they can, but not so much that you are motivated to complain or possibly switch to another service provider.  If they increase bills $2 per month, most are not willing to spend time on the phone complaining.  This is $24 per year per person and if they service 1 million people, they just increased their sales by $24 million.  Most of the time it is not just $2 per month.  I’ve seen on average between $5 to $10 per month more.  In 5 years of increases, you are paying $25 to $50 per month more or $300 to $600 per year more.  We need to make sure we are challenging our service providers to reduce costs because these do add up.

Additionally, so many of these larger corporations, service providers, retailers do not take accountability.  Their businesses are huge with so many people in their workforce.  It is very rare to find people who care that work for them because the leadership at top are caring less and less about their customers.  It is one thing to say they care, but another thing to actually prove it.  Over the years, I’ve met some rude customer service representatives.  I have also met some nice customer service representatives too, but it is the rude ones that stick out in my mind.  Just a few thoughts for this Saturday morning.

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