Friends grown apart…

As I age, I become increasingly aware of old friends’ poor decisions in life leading them to a life that is poor in quality.  The good thing is most of my friends from high school or before who I still keep in touch with are doing very well.  There are a few select individuals from high school that are not doing well at all.  So, why are there differences in the friends who are doing well and not doing well?  We all hung out in high school and participated in the same activities.  There must have been decisions along the way that were detrimental to their success.  It could have also been that they did not have goals in mind or did not have a plan to reach their goals.

When I speak of activities, I am talking about going to class, hanging out after class, playing in a rock band, and so forth.  We were all equal in so many ways with a plus/minus of stupidity.  We all had different personalities, but were similar enough to be friends.  We all had different IQs, but were also similar enough to be friends.  Many of us had the same classes with the same sense of humor for the most part.  There had to be some event or experience outside of high school that did set us apart.  I guess I am questioning it because I am slightly worried that it could have been me who did not achieve my goals.

There is one friend I have in mind who did not reach his goals, yet I never did see it coming.  I guess he was a little more out there than the rest of us.  He was a little more wild and rampant in his activities.  He loved to grab people’s attentions by doing something off-the-wall.  He is someone I did care for very much, but as time went by he became a little bit more of a loose cannon than I would care for.  I was hearing he was into drugs and different activities I would not do myself.  His decision making has not been always great, but I definitely do not care for drugs.  It would be easy to blame it all on drugs, but there must have been something that led him to the drugs in the first place.

At this point, my last conversation with this individual did not go very well.  We cannot pull our own lives down trying to save someone else, even if they were a best friend of yours for a very long time.  I feel there are some times when people have truly gone over the line.  I guess you would call this the point of no return.  I have my own family to worry about and for now, I will no longer try reaching out to this individual.  Right or wrong, it is my decision and I have made it with all the information provided to me.  If there was more information leading me to change my mind, I would cross that road at that time.

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