Growing your business

I searched ‘how to grow your business’ and this came up from –  I listed the 15 ideas to help you grow your business:

  1. Build a sales funnel
  2. Utilize a customer management system
  3. Research the competition
  4. Create a customer loyalty program
  5. Identify new opportunities
  6. Build an email list
  7. Form strategic partnerships
  8. Leverage global platforms
  9. Licensing deals
  10. Consider a franchise model
  11. Diversify your offer lineup
  12. Build passive income streams
  13. Acquire other businesses
  14. International expansion
  15. Create a webinar

Each of these will apply to most businesses except for 8 and 14, which speaks to international platforms and expansion.  As we can see, running a business can be challenging and take up a lot of your time.  Personally, when trying to run a business while working full time for my employer, I do run into challenges.  It forces me to be more effective and efficient because I do not have the time to waste.  I make sure each activity in my life has meaning and will further push my cause forward.  If there are activities that are using up my time and not returning me results, then I can quickly discard those activities.  This would fall under the category called prioritization.

I am going to take some time this week to re-read through this list of 15 and see where I am strong and where I am weak.  I know I do not have an email list readily available, which I should build.  This could help me shoot out quick notifications to customers.  I also know I am not building strategic partnerships yet.  This is another area I can drive to help my business grow.  I do find it interesting to see what others are saying about ‘how to make your business grow’.  A lot of people have different ideas and not everyone is right or wrong.  What are your thoughts?

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