Ready, set, grow my business and live my dream

There is one life given to us and it is up to you to determine what you want to do with that life.  Each day you are making decisions, even if you are not aware of it.  These decisions may lead you to new opportunities and experiences.  We must also keep in mind that we can make 1 million great decisions, but there may be 1 decision that ruins it all.  I would not say live in fear, but be aware that some decisions can be detrimental and need to be taken more seriously than others.  So, with one life I want to realize my full potential and live out my dreams.  It is completely up to me to achieve my goals and find happiness.

Many years ago, I decided to push for what I want because nobody else is going to give me anything for free.  A goal of mine is to take my business full time and dedicate 100% of my 40-50 hrs per week focus on the business.  As of now, I hold a permanent position with my employer for financial security.  In a few years, I plan on shifting all my focus from my employer to my business.  If I have 25% dedicated to my business today and shift the other 75% to my business in two years, I would expect an increase in returns by 75% from my business.

Many years ago, I met an older gentleman on an airplane who told me the story of his successes.  He was the only 20-something year old living in a small town in upstate New York driving a Lamborghini.  Since that time he has sold two of his businesses and was onto selling a third.  One of those businesses he sold went for $60 million.  He was an interesting character with a lot of charisma.  When I think about myself, I know I need to build my skill set to better position myself to run a business.

Running a business part-time and running a business full-time are two very different things.  Especially, when I have a regular salary from another source.  Fully depending on a business to put food on the table can bring mixed emotions.  I have seen business failures and good people end up in a bad situation.  To avoid this, I have a few things I need to do first before shifting all my time to the business.

First, I need to pay off my mortgage and save up a significant amount of money.  Second, I need to grow my business to a point where it can support me.  Third, I need to make sure my heart is still in the business and I still truly believe in it.  When I say heart, I am saying passion with a mix of hard facts stating the business is ready for further growth.  Things can get a little more complicated from here, which I won’t get into those details right now.

In my personal finances, I continue to cut costs and grow my income whenever possible and however possible.  Small gains continues to work for me, as I discussed this concept many blogs ago.  Please continue to follow me on my journey and continue to support me. What are your thoughts?

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