34 gigabytes of information for our brains daily

The internet if filled with so much information (good & bad).  Our brains are also filled with so much information.  There is an article titled the-human-brain-is-loaded-daily-with-34-gb-of-information, which talks about how our brains take in 34 gigabytes of information daily.  This is an astounding amount of information.  In a 5-day work week, we are absorbing 170 gigabytes of information.  This would fill up an average hard drive of a computer.  We are not retaining all information we absorb because this would be too overwhelming for our brains.  However, we are using the information and experiences to mold who we are.  This means, we will want to absorb good information that will positively impact us and motivate us to be better people.  For example, I would not recommend watching too many extremist videos online that will contribute ‘nothing’ to our future successes and only provide potential harm to the way we think.

As a civilization, we are possibly the smartest we have ever been because we have so much information at our finger tips.  Internet was not widely accessible twenty years ago at the speeds we are using it today.  If I want to find out how fast a cheetah can run or how much horse power is in a certain type of Ferrari, I can easily search on the internet and have an answer within seconds.  If I am working to make a decision for my business, the internet is a great tool to help out with that.  Imagine if this was no longer and we had to go to the library for all of our answers?  Or what if we had to call the Ferrari manufacturer for the answers we desire?  The speed at which we work would significantly decrease.

I am thankful to live in the times we are because we can work so efficiently and effectively with all of the tools we have.  As each day passes, new technologies come out and we are able to work even faster.  The key is to stay up to date with the latest technologies.  These are a few thoughts I had while I wait at the airport on my airplane to show up.  Until next time!

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