Don’t lose focus on your priorities

Too often, people lose focus of their priorities simply because they forget about them.  My remedy for forgetting is to consistently document daily in my journal daily.  We should all have 10-15 minutes downtime each day to write some important thoughts into a journal.  Several months after, I type up my journal entries into a word document.  This forces me to review my writings from several months before.  This is my way of remembering goals from months prior and keeps me accountable.

There are certain goals I have that are extremely important to me.  For example, paying off my mortgage is a number one priority for me in my financial world.  At least several times a week I mention this goal in some shape or form into my journal.  This repetition keeps me thinking about the goal and pushes me to determine better ways of achieving this goal faster.  Another goal is to maintain a healthy body and mind.  I maintain a healthy body by going to the gym and eating proper foods suitable for my lifestyle.  I maintain a healthy mind by constantly challenging it and learning new materials.  These are things I write about several times a week too.

Another key to being successful in my writings is to be completely honest.  The only way I will do this is to know nobody else is going to read my journals.  It is a personal item that I can document anything I wish.  I know my thoughts are safe and I can have a real discussion with myself in these ‘diaries’.  If I felt somebody might see them, I may present my thoughts differently for an audience.  We do not want to sugar coat anything in our journals.  We want the pure simple truth, so we can truly assess our situation and improve ourselves.

It is great to look back on where we were several months ago and assess our decisions knowing what we know today.  I often say, why did I make that decision?  Or that was a great choice!  It gives me great pleasure to know I am improving as time passes by.  I hope you can also improve and try out the journal method I am talking about.  Yes- it takes some time, but not a lot of time.  A notebook from Walmart will cost you $0.50 or a few dollars for a really fancy one.  All you need is some paper and a pen to write your thoughts.  Make sure you are consistent and honest.  These two things are extremely important to your success!

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