Presentation of your hardwork

I continually strive to outperform myself from the day before by pushing harder and working more effectively.  So, what does that mean?

I am improving myself!  I am taking the time to learn new skills and jumping at opportunities that will set me up for success.  Sometimes it gets uncomfortable because I am learning new things I’ve never done before.  It can also be energy-draining!  If I take a step back and look at what I am doing, will it lead me to success?  If the answer is ‘no’, then I am going to need to rethink what I am doing.  If the answer is ‘yes, then I should continue moving forward with whatever I am doing.

Earlier today I gave a presentation on some work I’ve been doing the past few months.  I did not create my presentation overnight and present it.  This is something I knew I needed to build up over several months while working.  I envisioned myself presenting the materials I worked on and being proud of it.  Without this vision, I would not have prepared as well with the goal insight from the start.

I had only 11 slides to work through in 60 minutes.  Each slide was jam packed full of useful information.  Each slide has a meaningful purpose to build on the story I wanted to tell.  The work I’ve been involved with the past couple of months has allowed me to become the expert on the topic.  This prepared me to field any questions that came my way.  My personal experiences allow me to give my perspective on the topic.  I am proud of the work I’ve done and the final presentation at the end.  This will not be the last, but is most definitely a milestone.

With each additional presentation I do, I am building better communication skills.  I am less nervous because I am more confident.  I know in the end, nobody is out to hurt me.  Everyone is listening to learn and support my work.  It is difficult to realize when you are up there, but it is true.  At the end, everyone says great job!  When you really put the time in, you will receive compliments because they know you did your best.

It is very important to present your hard work because you deserve credit.  Someone once said, “it’s about the information and not so much about you.”  I take this message in and realize, it’s not really about me.  It truly is about the information and I can just do my best to make it more enjoyable to listen to me talking.  I want to be liked (of course).  I also want to be a great leader.  I can do this by putting hard work in, being honest, and giving my best efforts.

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