My goose egg story

It was a week or so before Easter and I was 6 years old living in Ontario, Canada.  At school, all students in my class received an emptied goose egg to decorate with paint and stickers.  After we finished our artwork, we placed the egg gently into a paper carrier basket we made.  We each took the eggs home safely, so we could show our parents the work we did.  At the time my house was behind the school, so I was able to walk the egg in the paper carrier basket home carefully.  Still til this day, 20+ years later, I have this egg and paper carrier basket safely nestled away in my basement.

At the time, I did not expect to have kept the decorated goose egg for 20+ years.  I do not think at the age of 6, I could have even imagined I’d be alive for this amount of time.  I was too worried about the day of (not even the week of).  As life progresses, I feel time speeding up and I plan much further in advance.  All of this is part of being an adult and taking responsibility for your life.  Too many do not plan far enough in advance, which leads to so many issues.  I will not get into this right now because I want to focus on my goose egg story.

At any moment this goose egg could have cracked and shattered into many pieces.  By some chance, I was able to keep it for many years and had it during my long distance relocation from Canada to New Jersey.  There were also some additional moves within New Jersey that this goose egg moved with me.  This goose egg could be around for another 20+ years if I am careful.  It is valuable to me because it brings back memories of when I lived in Canada.  From time to time, it does us good to remember where we came from.  We need to understand where we came from before we can decide where we want to go.  Since I constantly write about my life in journals, I can easily go back and relive my past.  I also have a clear direction of where I want to go.

The goose egg is a perfect example of how I value things.  I want things to last long because I care about them.  These could be people, places, or things.  I also enjoy remembering the past because I feel I’ve had a lot of good times.  I also realize I have a lot of good times coming up.  More on this later.  In success, there are so many ways you can look at it.  Things to do.  Things not to do.  Just remember that there are other things we need to look at too.  We need to enjoy life and remember our pasts.

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