Life Expectancy

So many say, life is too short.  And if you think about it, life really is too short, so we need to make the best of what we are given.  If you go to, you can review life expectancy by country.  At the top, you will find Japan (83.7), Switzerland (83.4), Singapore (83.1), Australia (82.8), Spain (82.8), and so forth.  Canada (82.2) is ranked twelfth and USA (79.3) is ranked thirty-first, which is somewhat surprising.  Some of the lower life expectancy rates are Chad (53.1), Central Africa Republic (52.5), Angola (52.5), and Sierra Leone (50.1).

For most of us, 80 years does seem like a very long time.  If we convert this to days, we get 29,800 days based on a year being equivalent to 365 days.  I’m not sure about you, but for me- 29,800 days seems much shorter than 80 years even though we know it’s the same.  The first 20 years of your life or 7,300 days of your life, you are probably in school.  The next 40 years or 14,600 days of your life, you are probably working.  This gives you roughly 20 years or 7,300 days of retirement if you planned right.

For me, it is scary to think how short time is because I have so many goals I want to achieve.  For me, this further makes me realize that each day is extremely important.  It also makes me realize planning is crucial because we do not have the opportunity to repeat things more than we have to, especially if you have aggressive goals.  This further solidifies my stance on working both in the corporate world and on my own business in parallel.  I am stabilizing my financial situation and investing in a business I truly believe in.  

Since we know life is relatively short, if you know there is something you want to do, you should do it.  Waiting or delaying is not good for you!  I personally like to say – YOLO (you only live once).  When it is time for me to leave this earth, I want to know I truly lived and I can do this by pursuing all my goals.  Fortunately, I have been doing pretty well lately and I do see a lot of my dreams becoming realities.  I encourage all others to do the same, but know it takes time.  We need to manage our expectations because there can be obstacles in the way.

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