Publishing on Amazon (books)

A few weeks back I published a book on titled, Down on the Pharm. I am extremely proud because it was an accomplishment to take my story from ‘thought‘ to ‘paper‘ to ‘amazon‘.  It would be amazing to make a significant amount of money from the book, but in reality I know this is difficult to do.  From a young age, I always dreamed of getting paid to write books because it something I truly enjoy doing.  Down on the Pharm is actually the second book I finished writing.  There are several other books I tried writing, but never really finished.  In particular, one titled Magnolia Hill was about 50-60 pages before I stopped writing it.  

To complete a book, it requires focus and passion for the story you want to tell.  Down on the Pharm is a story I needed to tell because it was a difficult time in my life.  I would not say it is exactly the same as the booked titled The Jungle by Upton Sinclair where he exploits the harsh conditions of worker immigrants in Chicago, but is similar in many ways.  Due to the book The Jungle, many regulatory changes happened and it was a good thing.  It could be possible due to my book Down on the Pharm similar changes could happen to change today’s working conditions.

For those thinking about reading my book Down on the Pharm, please consider this.  I’ve worked in an environment where people were mistreated because the owners of the company felt it was their right to mistreat others.  Specifically, I felt women were looked down upon and not given a fair shot.  I also felt workers were mistreated because the owners knew certain employees had no way out.  The majority of the workforce down on the pharm was Indians (from India) who needed work visas to stay in the United States.  Many of them were smart and held pH.D. degrees.  The owners would bring these scientists onboard straight out of graduate school  because they needed a visa to stay in the United States.  These Indian employees were not paid well in comparison to the industry standard for someone with their credentials.  No health care benefits were provided.  The list goes on and I describe this in the book – Down on the Pharm.

If you are interested, please go to and look up Down on the Pharm by Jack Jingles.  I am excited because years ago, I would not have been able to publish this book as easily.  Amazon is a great stage for authors who want to release their stories without the gigantic costs of doing so.  If you have an idea, I’d recommend you to check out Amazon.  There are some other platforms you can go to, but I thought Amazon was the best one.  I felt it was simple and easy to use.  Fortunately, they are still sending me royalties as people purchase my book.  Unfortunately, it takes 90 days from the time of purchase until you receive your payment.  Fortunately, I do not need the money and I can live without it.  Again, please check out my book Down on the Pharm and support my journey to help correct unfair work conditions.  

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