Happy Thanksgiving – What are you thankful for?

Today is- THANKSGIVING and I truly do love it.  The family gets together for a feast!  As always, we have turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, gravy, my favorite – pumpkin pie, wine, beer, and so much more.  2018 has been extremely kind to me and I know without God- I would not have had the opportunities I’ve taken advantage of.  There were some dips, but I did get through them by being patient and using my cleverness to overcome those obstacles.  I know there are a lot of people out there not as fortunate as myself.  There are also others more fortunate, but to me- I am the MOST FORTUNATE because I have everything I ever wanted.

Here are a few things I am thankful for:

  • My family (wife, son, cat, and dog + mother, father, brother, etc…)
  • My home that I love so much
  • My Jeep that has been somewhat reliable
  • God
  • My career
  • My business
  • My tenacity and willingness to constantly improve myself

If I listed out everything I was thankful for- this blog would be too long.  My main point is, it is thanksgiving and we should be thankful for everything we have and things we don’t have (i.e. disease, illness, excessive-debt).  Thanksgiving is not the only time we should be thankful.  We should take time throughout the year to reflect on the good things we have and who we are.  Thanksgiving is just the Super Bowl of appreciation.

We have roughly one-month left in 2018 and I still have so much I still need to accomplish.  This is a time of year I reflect on what I’ve done in 2018 and what I still need to do.  Planning for the next year is always fun for me because it gives me the chance to set expectations.  I do not simply go in and write goals out.  I truly dig deep, so I can understand what is ‘actually’ possible.  For example, I will look back and review my performance on debt reduction for 2018, 2017, 2016, etc…  I look to find trends and base my goal off of that.  I do try and stretch my goal slightly (no more than 10% above expectation).  Stretching myself too thin does not help me.  Think about it this way- stretching myself 10% over on five goals is actually stretching myself 50%.  This brings many challenges that I don’t need.  We need to be reasonable in setting our goals.

So- HAPPY THANKSGIVING!  Don’t forget to start setting your 2019 goals.

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