Re-thinking everything you’ve ever done

It is Sunday night and I am relaxing on the couch watching a documentary about Lady Gaga called ‘five-foot two’.  I have been sipping on a hot cup of tea because I’ve had a sore throat and do not feel great.  After a long holiday weekend, I go back into work tomorrow morning.  I am questioning whether I should go to the gym before work as I always do because my bones are aching.  It is moments like this, I sit back and ponder.  I am re-thinking everything I’ve ever done because I am not sure if I’ve really done everything absolutely the best way for maximum results.  I can tell you right now- I’ve made my share of mistakes and I am okay with that.

We all make mistakes, but the difference between those who go on to be great successes and those who go on to be big failures is this- the successful people learn from their mistakes and modify their approach to succeed the next time.  The successful people also never give up when they truly believe in what they are doing.  

We all get doubt at some point in our life, but the difference between those who go on to be great successes and those who go on to be big failures is this- the successful people continue pushing on what they believe in.  The failures will give up or change their direction to something they do not believe in, just because it is easier.

If you have been reading my blogs- you will know I use a personal journal as my tool to re-assess my approach and keep myself accountable.  This is a tool I’ve been keeping since June 15, 2005 and so far, it has proven effective.  Not everyone needs to go about it the same way.  You may have a different tool you use to keep yourself accountable and maintain your motivations throughout extended periods of time.

I do find it easier to stop believing than keep believing from time to time because a lot of times bad things happen.  So much of the time, we simply do not get it our way or things don’t go our way.  Take a step back and look at the entire picture before getting too upset.  It may just be an added obstacle that you can overcome.  It may take a few more days, weeks, months, or years, but you will get there if you continue pushing for it.  My journal helps me see the progress I’ve made over the years because it is too easy to forget all the smaller wins you’ve had along the way.

In this time when you are re-thinking everything you’ve ever done, remember what keeps you going and why you are doing what you are doing.  Remember that you are passionate about your goals and that you are going to reach them.  I like to set weekly goals at the beginning of each week.  It gives me something to look forward to and helps me keep my eye on the prize.  Each week, I accomplish more of my goal, document it, and review past journal entries to see what I’ve done in the past.  I will continue to re-think, reassess, and further analyze my efforts.  This is something instinctive to me.  I recommend you to do the same, but remember to stay focused on what you believe in.

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