My own business (goals)

Working in the corporate world has been a great experience for me!  I have been able to interact with a wide range of people in different cross-functional groups.  I have been trained in a variety of areas, which has helped me increase my knowledge and expertise in those respective areas.  I have also been given the opportunity to present frequently, which has helped me improve my presentation skills.  All of these great perks were provided to me with the added bonus of getting paid top dollar for my services.  Working for a corporate office has also allowed me to network with a large amount of people.  These people have taught me so much and I am very appreciative.

On the flip side, I do not want to work for the corporate world for the rest of my life.  My father and I have worked very hard for over 10 years on our own business.  This business is where my true passions are because I love building equipment.  I also love the fact that my family’s name is the company’s brand.  Right now my efforts are being divided between my career in the corporate world and my career with my own business.  In several years when I am debt free, saved a significant amount of money, and have grown our business large enough, I will be taking on the business full time.  At that point, I will be able to better leverage myself in the business and gain even more business.

Right now I am working on growing the business with my father.  We are strategically planning our every move to bring on new business.  We are focused on building strong relationships with our clients.  We are also focused on bringing on new customers to grow our annual sales.  I have stressed the importance of continuous activity day after day, to make sure my father and I are keeping the business top of mind.  Since I have been in school the past couple of years while working in the corporate world, the business has suffered.  This is the first year I did not have to focus on school in several years and my additional efforts into the business are proving great results.

At the latest, by 2025 I will be working full time in my own business with my father.  I see my father joining the business much sooner than this due to several other factors I will not get into right now.  I am super excited to get this business moving.  In 2019 and 2020, we are working very hard to get the business to that next level.  It is possible that I can move into the business full time in 2021, but would want to wait another year or so to make sure the risk is extremely low of failure.  I do think by mid-2020, I should be fully confident or not in moving 100% of my efforts to the business.  At this point, we should be able to tell whether the business is solid enough to support both my father and I full time.  

A few reasons I would like to join the business full time are as follows:

  • No travel (currently traveling quite a bit for my corporate job)
  • Work near my home (within 5 miles)
  • Potential for better pay
  • More flexibility on hours
  • I would be my own boss
  • No politics (corporate world is very political)
  • Don’t need to watch what I say
  • Work with my dad
  • Respect in the community

The list of reasons can go on and on.  I am very focused on reaching this goal and will not give up.  I am doing this intelligently and with cleverness.  I know I cannot just jeopardize everything I’ve earned thus far.  I am much smarter than that.

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