School of thought – success

School of thought is described by Wikipedia as the perspective of a group of people who share common characteristics of opinion or outlook of a philosophydisciplinebeliefsocial movementeconomicscultural movement, or art movement.  Many of will have different ideas of what success is and how to achieve success.  My parents have always told me to work hard and you will be successful.  Although this is true for the most part, there are some other things we need to keep in mind.  Of course, we need to work hard to achieve our goals.  However, we need to be smart about it because we can end up running on a gerbil wheel without getting anywhere, if that makes sense.

Before I move forward in this blog, I need to emphasize everyone’s path to success will be different.  Depending on your final goal and your current situation, people are simply going to find different ways of getting there.  The important piece is getting there and getting there in a timely manner.

In my earlier years, I attended school and was an average student.  I tried hard or at least I thought I tried hard.  Part of this was not having the effective methods of studying the right way.  Just because you study night and day, does not mean you will be the valedictorian.  As previously mentioned in a blog, some things just come more natural to some people.  I guess you would call this raw intelligence.  As time went by in life, I observed others who were successful than myself.  I also observed others who were less successful.  I learned from the successes of the successful people and the failures of the not-successful people.

As more time passed by, I’ve learned more and more.  Each day I used to gain more experience and find my way to my goals.  A challenging part of it all was to identify what my goals were.  This discussion could be a whole other blog, so I won’t dive too deep into this right now.  After college, I took on a career as a chemist.  I learned more in this role.  I took on a role in maintenance.  I took on a role as a packaging engineer.  I took on a role as a supply quality leader.  I continued to learn from each experience making myself better than my past-self.

When it comes to school of thought and success- I am one who believes you need to build your talents and abilities from experiences.  Nothing is going to be handed to you for free.  You need to put time in and work hard to achieve your goals.  At the end of the day, by working hard for your successes, you are going to feel much better about yourself than if it was all just handed to you.  We must manage our expectations and know it will take time.  Anything good is worth waiting for (as they say).

I am building out a plan to transition into my business full time by 2022-2025.  I still have not fine tuned it to the exact year, but I am getting there.  I am currently growing my business to a point where it could support myself and my business partner.  These things do take time and we have been at it for over 10 years now.  We have gained many successes from our business.  We have been able to do many awesome things because our business was a great support for us financially.  I plan on writing a little bit more in the next coming weeks/months about my business development.  I am very excited about it and know great things will come.

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