Transparency and accountability

Lately, I have been reading this book called “Talk Like Ted” by Carmine Gallo.  It has been phenomenal and I recommend this book to everyone who wants to become a better presenter.

Now, let’s talk about my topic – transparency and accountability.  Have you ever stopped trusting someone because they lied to you.  Have you ever gained trust in this individual again?  If you did, I am certain it took you a while to confide in that person again.  It is much easier to lose trust than gain trust.  I believe trust and transparency go hand in hand.  You need to be open and honest to show others they can trust you.  Similarly, if you do fail, you need to hold yourself responsible for our mistakes.  Being accountable is part of the path to success, even if you do not like it.

My point is this- we need to be transparent and accountable to be good leaders.  If you look at different organizations, the majority of the employees say transparency is of utmost importance to them.  This means, if they think their CEO is not being completely honest, then they are not going to be happy-campers.  I completely agree!  

This topic comes to mind anytime I deal with someone who I feel is not being completely honest with me.  I’ve dealt with suppliers who give me 101 excuses of why we are seeing issues with the materials they are providing us.  Most of the time it is never their fault and it is because of some freak incident they could not control.  If they were just upfront and honest with me, I would respect them more.  I would not be looking outside at another supplier.  Similarly, if someone in my personal life is lying to me, I typically stop hanging around them as frequently.  I want honest people in my life as we all do.  

Someone may say, “isn’t it harmless for someone to fib?”  A fib could be harmless or it could be harmful.  If I am relying on information to make decisions and the information is false, then it is not good information.  False information could lead me to a poor decision.  A poor decision could cost me a substantial price.  If someone knew the information is false and let me believe it is true, then this is very-very bad.  I have no time for people who would let this happen.  

If there was more honesty in this world, it would be a better place.  Fortunately, I do not lie and do not contribute to false (fake news) information going around.  Please consider the next time you or someone else provides false information.  This false information could really impact someone else’s decision.

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