High school memories

On my one-hour commute home from work this evening, I began thinking about high school.  Each of my classes required one textbook and a notebook for note taking.  I had about ten minutes to get from class to class with very little time to stop at my locker.  I had to plan out my day accordingly because I did not want to carry all my books with me all day long.  I had to plan it out, so I could stop at my locker several times each day.  My goal was to carry as few books as possible throughout the day.  In each of my classes, I had to listen to the teacher for 45 minutes and it was not always easy.

I did love high school, but also realize there were many challenges while I was in high school.  There are academic pressures and social pressures that constantly weighed heavily on me.  At each stage of our lives, we have pressures that weigh heavily on us and we just need to deal with them.  Some of the pressures I am seeing today involve my career, business, family, and financial situation to name a few.  Each of these are managed by me and I hold myself 100% responsible for each.  If something does not go the way I want it to go, it typically comes back to a decision I made at some point in my life.  Too many people do not hold themselves accountable for their actions and that is a huge mistake!

Besides the challenges in high school, there were more positives that outweigh the negatives.  For example, friends, riding BMX, and playing music in a rock band.  There were also the weekend ski trips, family vacations, and weekend hangouts with friends.  Similarly, today I get to hangout with my family, go out to dinner whenever we feel like it, and also enjoy the company of our friends.  We would be missing out a big piece of life without the positives.  We need to make sure we have future events planned.  These events are things we would look forward to and keep us motivated.

Fortunately, still today I hang out with my best friends from high school.  We meet up less frequently, but still have a ton of fun.  We also all have families, so there are many more of us to contribute to the fun.  We are a fortunate bunch and have all done very well.  I am proud of my friends and their successes because they are great people.  Friends do have such a large impact on you and the road that lies ahead of you.  Make sure you pick great friends from a very young age and keep them around.

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