Preparing for 2019

It is near the end of 2018, which tells me I need to prepare for 2019.  One of the ways I do this is by reviewing my 5-year plan.  As mentioned before, I split my 5-year plan into several buckets (i.e. corporate career, personal business, personal life, and school).  I am looking to see if I’ve met my 2018 goals.  If I did meet my 2018 goals, then I will continue forward with 2019 goals as planned.  If I did not meet my 2018 goals, then I will adjust my 2019 goals accordingly.  It is crucial to be realistic when setting our goals.

It is a poor decision to state- I will start working on my goals January 1st.  We need to make sure we are proactively working towards achieving our goals from the second we create them.  Procrastination truly is a wrecking ball demolishing our hopes and dreams.  Each day wasted further delays your future successes.  Nobody is going to pat you on the shoulder and provide you with your dreams for free.  You need to get out there and take the bull by its horns.  You may not be fully capable of achieving your goals today, but today you can start filling your toolbox with the tools that will give you the capability to achieve your goals in the future.

In 2018, I did not hit all my targets and can attribute some of this to some activities outside my control.  I do not use this as an excuse, especially because I hate excuses.  It gives me more motivation to try harder in 2019.  There are times when events do occur that are outside of your control.  It’s really how you handle those uncontrollable events that really matters.  Make the best decisions you can with the information you have.  Gather information/data to better prepare ourselves for the future.  This is a strategy we use at Civil Accomplishment to further progress ourselves.  Another strategy is- learn from out mistakes.  

The point of this blog is- do not wait until 2018 is over to start planning for 2019.  As we can see, each year moves incredibly fast.  The world does not wait for anyone and continues forward.  We need to manage our time wisely and prioritize.  Focus on the bigger projects and make sure you are getting noticed for your good/great work.  I’ve made the mistake in my past to stay quiet and not make noise.  I’ve changed this and have been seeing some dramatic positive changes.  People are noticing my work and really appreciating it.  This will get me to the next level.  We all want to move up in the world.  It will not happen overnight and requires effort.

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