About me

Everyone would like to be extraordinary and in reality, most of us are ordinary.  In the world we live in, we cannot all be superstar athletes, incredible geniuses, supermodels, or  billionaire investors.  It can be slightly depressing to think we are not the best at what we do, but this does not mean we cannot be extremely successful.  It also does not mean we should not do those things that we love.  My large gains in life are typically generated over an extended period of time and not overnight.  These gains are produced by maintaining consistency with small improvements along the way.  Based on all of this, I decided it was appropriate to name my website http://www.civilaccomplishment.com.  Civil meaning ordinary citizen and accomplishment meaning achievement.

civil accomplishment = [ordinary] + [achievement]

I was an average student in high school because I did not know how to be above average.  After high school, I graduated from university with a B.S. in Biochemistry and a M.S. in Packaging Engineering.  I have worked as an analytical chemist for a pharmaceutical startup, a packaging engineer and supply quality leader for a food manufacturer.  I have invested in many startups and have owned and operated my own businesses.  In my home, I live with my wife, son, dog, and cat.  I also take working out at the gym very serious and typically spend five to six days at the gym.  It is not always easy to manage my time, but do my best to make it work.  Through telling personal stories, I believe I can help others achieve their goals faster and more efficiently.  I also believe if more people are hitting their financial goals, society’s financial situation will improve.

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