Defining your perfect life

If I want to define the idea of my perfect life, then I would need to set aside any barriers that may prevent me from achieving that perfect life.  My perfect life would sound just like this- financial stability, running my own business, maximum time available for my family and friends, freedom to purchase my dream cars, and … Continue reading Defining your perfect life

A successful mindset

I was never taught exactly how to be successful, but overtime I gathered information to increase my awareness of success.  You can learn to build a successful mindset that allows you to understand good versus not so good opportunities.  The first thing to know about having a successful mindset is to understand it takes time and effort … Continue reading A successful mindset

Keeping a journal for success

Since June 15, 2005 I have been writing journal entries and as of today I have over 2,700 entries in nearly 14 journals.  I use either a black or blue pen to write my thoughts, dreams, goals, and so on.  Knowing I do not plan to share any of my writings, I am comfortable writing without restriction. … Continue reading Keeping a journal for success

Learning financial restrain

My entire life I wanted a blue dirt bike, but was never allowed because my parents told me dirt bikes were dangerous.  In January of 2017, I purchased a dual sport Yamaha WR250R for $7,500 (including tax and tags).  Dreams really do come true!  After several months of riding around with a few spills off-road, … Continue reading Learning financial restrain

Staying motivated

Without motivation, there is nothing driving you to reach your goals.  As mentioned in my blog Realize your goals setting defined goals is a crucial step in reaching success.  One of my primary goals is to pay off my mortgage by 2023.  This will mean I will have paid off my mortgage in under 8 years.  I … Continue reading Staying motivated