Building my roadmap to success

Before we had these fancy iPhones or Windows phones with Apple Maps or Google Maps, we used maps made out of paper.  My father would review his map at a rest stop before getting back on the road.  There were specific places my father would want to visit during our family road trips.  For example, on the way down to Orlando, … Continue reading Building my roadmap to success

Starting a business

I have owned and operated a business on the side for over 8 years.  Initially, I decided to start a business with my father as a hobby.  We have a love for building equipment and the pay is definitely a bonus.  Since we both had full time jobs when we started the business and we … Continue reading Starting a business

Becoming trustworthy

There are times you need to quickly build trust with an individual or group of people in order to get something accomplished.  Trust takes time to build, but very little time to destroy.  Since we know it takes time to build it, the last thing you would want to do is obliterate someone's confidence in you. … Continue reading Becoming trustworthy