Bringing your dreams to life

A while back, I was sitting next to a gentleman on an airplane who started, owned, and sold many businesses.  He told me he was the only 28 year old in his town driving around a Lamborghini when he first started.  He ended up selling that business for $40million.  At that point, he traveled around … Continue reading Bringing your dreams to life

Defining your perfect life – part II

On 05/04/18, I wrote a blog titled Defining your perfect life and described what I envision as a perfect life for me.  I split my life up into three different categories.  There is my career, which includes anything associated with my career path at work.  There is my business, which includes anything associated with my personal business.  There is … Continue reading Defining your perfect life – part II

Survival of a business

You may have a stable business and you may be content with your earnings.  Although you are satisfied today, times do change and you need to think about your business's future.  It is crucial to continuously grow your business yearly because if you do not, your business can eventually fail.  As I mentioned in my … Continue reading Survival of a business

Building your goals

In building my goals, I start by understanding my current situation in 4 focus areas.  These focus areas are going to be different for everyone because we are not all participating in the same activities.  Here are my 4 focus areas: Professional career School Personal business / investments Personal life In each of the 4 focus areas, … Continue reading Building your goals

Wheels spinning in place – part II

On April 4, 2018, I wrote a blog titled Wheels spinning in place and I would like to build on this topic because it is very important to understand why we are not covering ground as quickly as we should be.  The 4 tips I provided were as follows: Establish clear objectives Plan and prepare for the … Continue reading Wheels spinning in place – part II

Talent management

It does not matter if you are a doctor, teacher, lawyer, policeman, chemist, engineer, or any other profession you can think of.  You must acquire a talent to be successful in your career and it is up to you to manage that talent.  A talent is defined as natural aptitude or skill on  To build your … Continue reading Talent management

Household business – part II

On 04/03/18 I posted a blog titled, Household business.  I truly believe there is great importance in operating your household from a financial perspective for several reasons.  First, there is no reason to throw away your money if you do not have to.  Second, you should always try to maximize your dollar and stretch it where … Continue reading Household business – part II