Barriers and your success

There are barriers in this world that can be difficult to overcome.  These barriers can hold you back from achieving your goals.  These barriers need to be dealt with appropriately, so they do not inhibit you from achieving your dreams.  A barrier can be a person, expense, lack of motivation, personal flaw, and so on.  You can choose to deal … Continue reading Barriers and your success

Closing loose ends – part II

On 04/21/18 I wrote a blog titled, Closing loose ends and I spoke about the importance of closing loose ends to finalize any projects you are working on.  It is critical to complete 100% of the project before you move on because if you do not, there will be leftover work trickling down and it can become … Continue reading Closing loose ends – part II

Career finder

It is sometimes easier to know what you don't want to do in life versus what you want to do in life.  I have quickly come to this realization in high school when I worked for a local grocery store stocking shelves.  At $6 per hour, I knew it would not be enough to support … Continue reading Career finder

Battle of increasing bills

3 hours 27 minutes and 18 seconds is the longest call I ever had in my life and 90% of it was me waiting on hold for the customer service representative.  This call was to US Airways many years ago before the merger with American Airlines.  If I remember correctly, my flight was cancelled and I needed … Continue reading Battle of increasing bills

Buying a car

Buying a car is a big decision and I strongly advise you to spend adequate time researching all your options.  You do not want to end up making an impulsive buy on a car because it is a decision you will need to live with for the next 4, 5, or maybe even 6 years. Determine current situation Prior … Continue reading Buying a car

Value Grocery Shopping

For the longest time, my wife and me shopped at our local Shop Rite.  In high school, I used to work there stocking dairy products on the shelf.  It makes it that much more enjoyable to know I do not need to work for $6/hr stocking shelves 39 hours a week.  I was not allowed … Continue reading Value Grocery Shopping

Buy or rent for the short term

When you are looking for a car, house, furniture, or maybe even a tuxedo, you are going to ask yourself one question.  Do I want to buy or rent?  Everyone's situation is different, so you must first understand your situation and your goal.  For example, if you are planning on going to a high school … Continue reading Buy or rent for the short term