Barriers and your success

There are barriers in this world that can be difficult to overcome.  These barriers can hold you back from achieving your goals.  These barriers need to be dealt with appropriately, so they do not inhibit you from achieving your dreams.  A barrier can be a person, expense, lack of motivation, personal flaw, and so on.  You can choose to deal … Continue reading Barriers and your success

Wheels spinning in place – part II

On April 4, 2018, I wrote a blog titled Wheels spinning in place and I would like to build on this topic because it is very important to understand why we are not covering ground as quickly as we should be.  The 4 tips I provided were as follows: Establish clear objectives Plan and prepare for the … Continue reading Wheels spinning in place – part II

Be effective

Be effective every time you are doing anything.  It sounds simple enough, but can be tricky because we do not always know the most effective way of a completing the task at hand.  Experience is a big piece of it, but not all of it.  Just because you spent 25 years in your field, does not mean you are … Continue reading Be effective

Don’t promise the world…

Have you ever met someone who says they are going to achieve great things time and time again?  At first, you think they are very driven and are going to achieve great things.  After a while, you realize they are not doing anything they said they would.  As time goes by, you increasingly realize they … Continue reading Don’t promise the world…