Building my roadmap to success

Before we had these fancy iPhones or Windows phones with Apple Maps or Google Maps, we used maps made out of paper.  My father would review his map at a rest stop before getting back on the road.  There were specific places my father would want to visit during our family road trips.  For example, on the way down to Orlando, … Continue reading Building my roadmap to success

Stay focused and keep going

This morning I woke up, let my dog out, fed my cat, fed my 8 week year old son, wrote in my journal, and went to the gym once my wife woke up.  I thought it would be nice to let my wife sleep in because she rarely gets the chance to.  At the gym, … Continue reading Stay focused and keep going

Defining your perfect life

If I want to define the idea of my perfect life, then I would need to set aside any barriers that may prevent me from achieving that perfect life.  My perfect life would sound just like this- financial stability, running my own business, maximum time available for my family and friends, freedom to purchase my dream cars, and … Continue reading Defining your perfect life

Don’t be dumb with your money

It has become increasingly difficult as a middle-class citizen to succeed and this is very disappointing.  We have many more expenses than sources of income, which is a problem in itself.  Inflation is 3-4% per year, which makes the money we do have worth less and less each year.  Property tax, income tax, sales tax, … Continue reading Don’t be dumb with your money

Talent management

It does not matter if you are a doctor, teacher, lawyer, policeman, chemist, engineer, or any other profession you can think of.  You must acquire a talent to be successful in your career and it is up to you to manage that talent.  A talent is defined as natural aptitude or skill on  To build your … Continue reading Talent management

Household business

I live at home with my beautiful wife, 3 week old son, cat, and dog.  My wife and myself both generate money through our jobs, but our 3 week old son, cat, and dog do not... obviously!  My wife and me are responsible for keeping the lights on and food on the table.  We are … Continue reading Household business

Performance review

It is important to me to review my performance monthly, quarterly, and yearly.  During these reviews, I am looking for my progress in my career, business, and personal life. Career My ultimate goal is to climb the corporate ladder as quickly as I can with integrity during the years I am in a corporate setting. … Continue reading Performance review