Defining your perfect life – part II

On 05/04/18, I wrote a blog titled Defining your perfect life and described what I envision as a perfect life for me.  I split my life up into three different categories.  There is my career, which includes anything associated with my career path at work.  There is my business, which includes anything associated with my personal business.  There is … Continue reading Defining your perfect life – part II

Education is important – part II

As mentioned previously, I have four strategies I use to reach success. Gather information/data to better prepare ourselves for the future Understand our goals and build a plan to reach them in a timely manner Learn from our mistakes Celebrate our successes The last blog I wrote titled, Education is important speaks about the importance of education … Continue reading Education is important – part II

Talent management

It does not matter if you are a doctor, teacher, lawyer, policeman, chemist, engineer, or any other profession you can think of.  You must acquire a talent to be successful in your career and it is up to you to manage that talent.  A talent is defined as natural aptitude or skill on  To build your … Continue reading Talent management

The importance of managing your career

I have talked about Budget by indicators, which is a method you can use to track your income and expenses each month.  I have also talked about the Battle of increasing bills, which discusses the importance of not letting your service providers raise your rates without a fight.  Managing your budget is a crucial piece to financial … Continue reading The importance of managing your career