Defining your perfect life – part II

On 05/04/18, I wrote a blog titled Defining your perfect life and described what I envision as a perfect life for me.  I split my life up into three different categories.  There is my career, which includes anything associated with my career path at work.  There is my business, which includes anything associated with my personal business.  There is … Continue reading Defining your perfect life – part II

Family time

In our society today, money is necessary to purchase food, gas for transportation, pay for our mortgages, monthly bills, college education, entertainment, and so much more.  For most citizens, it is imperative to have a job to earn money to continue living a standard life.  There are few people who have enough money to live … Continue reading Family time

Building your goals

In building my goals, I start by understanding my current situation in 4 focus areas.  These focus areas are going to be different for everyone because we are not all participating in the same activities.  Here are my 4 focus areas: Professional career School Personal business / investments Personal life In each of the 4 focus areas, … Continue reading Building your goals

Talent management

It does not matter if you are a doctor, teacher, lawyer, policeman, chemist, engineer, or any other profession you can think of.  You must acquire a talent to be successful in your career and it is up to you to manage that talent.  A talent is defined as natural aptitude or skill on  To build your … Continue reading Talent management

Don’t promise the world…

Have you ever met someone who says they are going to achieve great things time and time again?  At first, you think they are very driven and are going to achieve great things.  After a while, you realize they are not doing anything they said they would.  As time goes by, you increasingly realize they … Continue reading Don’t promise the world…

Defining success

This is an important one for me and I'm assuming many others out there.  Defining success!  It will mean something different for everyone!  So what does it mean to you?  Do you want millions of dollars, a big family, a bunch of fancy cars, or maybe just financial peace of mind?  I keep a set … Continue reading Defining success