Building my roadmap to success

Before we had these fancy iPhones or Windows phones with Apple Maps or Google Maps, we used maps made out of paper.  My father would review his map at a rest stop before getting back on the road.  There were specific places my father would want to visit during our family road trips.  For example, on the way down to Orlando, … Continue reading Building my roadmap to success

Defining your perfect life

If I want to define the idea of my perfect life, then I would need to set aside any barriers that may prevent me from achieving that perfect life.  My perfect life would sound just like this- financial stability, running my own business, maximum time available for my family and friends, freedom to purchase my dream cars, and … Continue reading Defining your perfect life

Closing loose ends – part II

On 04/21/18 I wrote a blog titled, Closing loose ends and I spoke about the importance of closing loose ends to finalize any projects you are working on.  It is critical to complete 100% of the project before you move on because if you do not, there will be leftover work trickling down and it can become … Continue reading Closing loose ends – part II

A successful mindset

I was never taught exactly how to be successful, but overtime I gathered information to increase my awareness of success.  You can learn to build a successful mindset that allows you to understand good versus not so good opportunities.  The first thing to know about having a successful mindset is to understand it takes time and effort … Continue reading A successful mindset

Financial discipline

Sometimes it is difficult to stand back and watch someone make poor financial decisions.  Money can be a very sensitive topic to many people, especially if they are not doing well financially.  There is no easy way to tell someone they are messing up. These are people you care about and want to see do well. … Continue reading Financial discipline

Why growth is important

Growth is something we should be striving for in whatever we do, no matter if it is personal, business, education, etc...  As far back as I can remember, I have constantly looked for growth and I believe this is what sets me apart from the rest.  I was never the best at anything I did, … Continue reading Why growth is important

Starting a business

I have owned and operated a business on the side for over 8 years.  Initially, I decided to start a business with my father as a hobby.  We have a love for building equipment and the pay is definitely a bonus.  Since we both had full time jobs when we started the business and we … Continue reading Starting a business