We all need time off

I have trouble taking a day off because it feels like a waste of time.  I have a lot of work I need to get done and want to use every second I have getting it done.  Sometimes I think sleep is also a waste of time, but I know I could not function without … Continue reading We all need time off

Living above your means

If you are not able to pay your bills or are on the verge of not being able to pay your bills, then you are most likely living above your means.  At this point, you are not financially stable and will want to make some changes in your life.  Start by looking at what are necessities … Continue reading Living above your means

Most relaxing vacation spot

Have you ever went away on a vacation and when you came back home, you felt like you needed another vacation to recover?  Typically, we go on vacations to get away from our everyday routines to take our minds off of stressful factors allowing us to relax.  We can quickly find ourselves trying to achieve … Continue reading Most relaxing vacation spot